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Feb 08, 2013


Real People: Covering your rear

As the trend for men’s jacket length on suits and sport coats has raised the hems higher, it’s a bit rare right now to find guys who wear suits with a more traditional length that covers their rear. 

And that’s what I noticed about Paul from Luxembourg’s grey windowpane suit. I’ll admit to being a bit too drawn to shorter jacket lengths, but it’s fits like Paul’s that are urging me to consider future purchases be of a more classic length. 

(Of course, if you missed Derek’s post on jacket length last week, I encourage you to read it.)

There’s other things I like about Paul’s look, particularly the monochromatism presented by the greys and dark blues, however, some might say adding some more color would be preferable. I think that there’s enough variation here in the patterns between the shirt and jacket to add visual interest — though a geometric or dotted tie could also have worked, too. 


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